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Don't be afraid to ask...go on...ASK IT!

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Once there existed am LJ community called randomquestions . ask_a_question community is similar to that Ask a question. Get answers. It's simple. Let's try to maintain a certain level of integrity and intelligence. Shall we?

IF YOU WERE INVITED TO JOIN....it is because you are either on my friends list or on the list of one of my more interesting friends and I have read enough of your journal to realize that you are intelligent, witty and otherwise worthy of stimulating discussions...and an invite.

1. Please posts in question form.
2. Please do not disable comments.
3. If a post isn't appropriate for public viewing please put it behind an LJ cut.
4. If you are a rude assclown, I will kick your butt out of here.

Maintainer reserves the right to make judgement calls about posts and to intervene if necessary.

Please strive for excellence!